The press officer told about the consequences of the shelling of Pavlovci from fighters

Пресс-офицер рассказал о последствиях обстрела Правдовки со стороны боевиков

The shelling of Pavlovci suffered not only the Church but also two houses of the locals. About it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” reported the press officer of sector “Donetsk” Vladislav Voloshin.

“The shelling from large-caliber artillery, the militants started last night. That is, somewhere after the first hour (24 April – ed.) they fired this peaceful village, which is, remember, almost 20 kilometres away from the separation line on the territory controlled by Ukrainian security forces. That is, you know, it was really the shelling of civilians. Suffered not only the Church building, but also two houses of the locals. In the Church itself, the building suffered minor damage, broken Windows, and houses of local residents suffered a little. There in the walls large holes from debris, broken trees, damaged fence. And most importantly – killed the gas pipeline and damaged the whole grid,” – said Voloshin.

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According to him, at the moment the repairmen are working to reverse the damage.

The press officer considers this attack from the militants as a provocation, they wanted to hurt religious building.

We will remind, at night on 24 April, illegal armed groups with heavy artillery opened fire on locality Pravdivka. The bombardment partially destroyed the Church.