The pressure from the EU will help Kiev to lift the blockade of Donbass – Medvedchuk

Leaving immigrants without social payments, the state has violated the norms of humanitarian law, said Medvedchuk.

Refusing to establish a process of social benefits in controlled and uncontrolled Ukraine territories of the Donbas, the Ukrainian government, on the words as aspiring to Europe, violates not only Ukrainian law but also the basic norms of humanitarian law. This opinion the leader of “Ukrainian choice” Viktor Medvedchuk said in his blog.

He recalled the words of the head of the EU delegation to Ukraine Jan Tombinski, who at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Pavel Rozenko said that the Ukrainian government was not to stop payment of temporary migrants at the time of verification of their data.

“Such a stance is clear and understandable, it meets the standards of the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, ensure the principles of humanity and solving problems in a civilized manner, as is customary in Europe”, – said Medvedchuk.

He also criticized the explanations Rozenko, said that payments are not possible for technical reasons.

“It would be a desire – any technical problems can be solved. But that’s just no desire in the slightest. This is evidenced by the absence of any steps by the Ukrainian authorities in this direction”, – wrote the Medvedchuk.

He also expressed the hope that the pressure from the EU will play its role and the residents of Donbass will be able to receive their legitimate pensions.