The price of gas began to fall

Цены на автогаз начали падать

Automotive gas cheaper

Average gas prices dropped by 3 pennies.

Retail prices for liquefied gas for the period from 30 to 31 August, has stopped growing, and some networks even decreased. It is reported enkorr with reference to the Consulting group A-95.

It is noted that the average gas fell by 3 kopecks./l to 16.14 UAH/l. for Example, AMIC gas fell by 6 kopecks./l on Shell – on 3 kopecks./l. 50 kopecks./l lowered the price of avtotrans, and Hope, Metropolitan KLO 31 Aug offers gas 16,19 UAH/l, which is 5 kopecks./l cheaper than the day before.

We will remind, in Ukraine gas for cars began to rise in price since mid-August.

As reported Корреспондент.netPresident of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko promised that the price is reduced, the gas will drop in the second half of September.