The price of gas in Ukraine is higher than the market – KOBOLEV

Цена на газ в Украине выше рыночной - Коболев

COBOL proposes to cancel the restrictions and to open the gas market in Ukraine

Ten days ago the head of Naftogaz said about the inability to reduce gas prices, and now says that the opportunity came.

Since April, gas prices in Ukraine are higher than in the European market. About this catreg, 14 March, said the head of Naftogaz Andrey Kobelev Facebook.

He said that the price on the European market in recent months has declined so much that in April, the Ukrainian gas traders are likely to offer gas at a price lower than the current price set for the population in the decision on the CCP.

VAT and transportation cost and supply the price goes at around 8380 UAH/thousand cubic meters, and people pay for 8550 UAH, he added.

“We believe that domestic consumers should have the opportunity to freely choose supplier based on best price, reliability and service”, – said the Korolev.

The head of Naftogaz has requested the Cabinet of Ministers cancel the PSO and to open the gas market to the public.

He noted that the reform of the gas market, dozens of companies are free to buy gas on the European market and put his Ukrainian commercial consumers. But private consumers buy gas at a fixed price, which is determined by the government.

KOBOLEV earlier letter to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman with such a proposal published media.

And just ten days ago KOBOLEV said that the government will not be able to reduce the price of gas for the population, because the market value of gas is one of the main conditions of cooperation with the IMF.

We will note, in November last year, natural gas imports rose to a record $ 323 per thousand cubic meters, after that, prices began to decline and in February, Ukraine has bought gas for 291 dollars per thousand cubic meters.

As you know, according to the requirements of the IMF, Ukraine needs to increase gas price by 40% during the year.


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