The price of oil could soar to $100 – media

Цена на нефть может взлететь до $100 – СМИ

The combination of sanctions against Iran and constraints on supply in Saudi Arabia could lead to a sharp growth of prices for “black gold”.

Saudi Arabia is not capable in the long term to cover the current demand for high-quality oil amid lower supplies from Iran in connection with the introduction of US sanctions.

This was reported by the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal, citing its own sources, on Friday, September 21.

According to the newspaper, the oil company Saudi Aramco has warned prospective buyers that Oct will be able to supply oil to a limited extent. It is noted that Saudi Arabia had underestimated the demand for raw materials before the introduction of us sanctions.

As told the newspaper traders, increased demand and the inability of Saudi Arabia to cover can lead to a jump in oil prices in the world up to $90-100 per barrel.

“We are moving towards a price spike, probably from 90 to 100 dollars for barrel, – said one oil trader. – Hurt not only Iran. This will have a boomerang effect for the United States in the form of higher gasoline prices”.

Earlier, the world oil prices approached $80, and mark WTI has updated a maximum more than for two months. Thus traders reacted to a fifth consecutive decline in oil reserves in the U.S. and assessed the potential for reductions in Iranian exports because of us sanctions.

While last week the “black gold” has renewed highs since may of this year.

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