The Prime Minister explained, as will the cost of living increase

Премьер объяснил, как будут повышать прожиточный минимум

Goncharuk told how they are going to raise minimum wage

The government has prepared a bill, which detaches the wages in Ukraine from the subsistence level.

The Cabinet has developed a draft law, which cancels the effect of a living wage on wages. This step will allow to raise minimum wage in 2020. This was during a briefing following the government meeting, said Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Goncharuk, UNN reported.

“A very important initiative was submitted by the Ministry of social policy, this bill, which actually changes the logic of an important figure as a living wage. Now this indicator is tied a lot of amounts and payments. For example, if you’re at 200 UAH. it will raise the subsistence minimum, this meant that at the same time the salary of the judges of the Supreme court a gun would have increased by 5500,” – said Goncharuk.

According to him, a number of indicators and various amounts linked to this institution, which is normal to operate with them by the state.

“Look, the subsistence minimum remains the minimum. Now just tied to a lot of different stories, including, for example, the salary of a judge of the Supreme court. You raise a little the cost of living, and you have inadequate money. Instead, when you want to protect low-income families, you also have another 100500 different activities that you weren’t going to comply,” said the Prime Minister.

According to him, it “greatly complicates the work of the state to protect the poor and make it impossible for normal raising the minimum wage”.

“The first step is to repair the tool, now it is broken, is tied to everything that is linked is not exactly supposed to be. Raising the living wage to UAH 200 today, you automatically increase very seriously a large number of other indicators,” – said Goncharuk.

“The bill has already been prepared by the government. This is the first step to a living wage has become higher next year. And we the bill will soon present in Parliament and we hope that our colleagues will support it,” concluded Goncharuk.

Earlier, the Cabinet proposed to raise the cost of living doubled. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved a bill that allows to raise minimum wage to 4200 UAH per month.

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