The Prime Minister explained why prices rose

Премьер объяснил, почему выросли цены

Groysman named the main causes of a role model

All because of poor harvests and increased exports.

The price rise in Ukraine due to several factors as serious reasons for rise in prices there. This was stated by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, reports 5 channel.

“I see no prerequisites to ensure that something will grow. We had the growth of vegetables and fruits, as the country’s harvest was not sufficient. Read experts, such crops, so prices rose,” said the Prime Minister.

According Groisman price growth in the current year occurred due to increased exports.

“Prices went up because we started to be a exporting country, started our products to sell abroad,” he said

The Prime Minister is expected next year prices will rise not as much as now.

We will remind, the government intends to control the fluctuation of prices, including for food.