The Prime Minister of Italy appointed Paolo Gentiloni

Премьер-министром Италии назначен Паоло Джентильоне

Paolo Gentiloni

In Italy, foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni appointed as the new Prime Minister of the country. About it reports Reuters.

Earlier, the representative of the President Sergio Mattarella announced that the President had tasked him with forming a new government after the resignation of Matteo Renzi.

62-year-old Paolo Gentiloni said that he would try to form a new government as soon as possible and will work “under the previous administration,” hinting that he will adopt in the future composition of the Cabinet several of the Ministers appointed Matteo Renzi.

Also Gentiloni stated that he is aware of the urgency of forming a new Cabinet to stabilize the economic situation in the country and strengthen the reputation of Italy in the eyes of its allies.

Further, Gentiloni to choose Ministers.

It is expected that on Wednesday this week the question of a vote of confidence in the new government will be discussed in Parliament.
The opposition parties reject the opportunity to participate in the government of national unity.

Recall that in a referendum a week ago, the majority of voters rejected the constitutional reforms proposed by Matteo Renzi, which led to his resignation.