The Prince: three policemen declared suspicion

Княжичи: трем полицейским объявили о подозрении

The results of the investigation announced that the three suspected police

They are suspected of abuse of power.

GPU reported about suspicion, three representatives of the national police, which had been shooting in the village knyazhichi, Kiev region. It is reported Bi-Bi-si.

Employees of the national police suspected of abuse of power, which entailed grave consequences, premeditated murder of two and more persons and attempted murder.

It is also alleged that the suspects “organized and provided the use of 4 Dec 2016 a firearm” during the incident in Knyazhychi.

“In court, prepared petitions for the election of a suspect measure of restraint in form of detention”, – reported in Prosecutor’s office.

In total, this involved approximately 10 security forces.

We will remind, in a shootout in Prince 4 Dec 2016 killed five militiamen. After the tragedy the dismissal of eight people.