The problem of corruption in Ukraine is exaggerated.

Проблема коррупции в Украине преувеличена – Гройсман

Groisman commented on the situation with corruption in Ukraine

The Prime Minister spoke about the successful fight against corruption.

The problem of corruption in Ukraine is used by many nedobrozhilateley to escalate the situation. This was stated by Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman in an interview with Georgian Forbes, which he published on Friday, January 12, in Facebook.

“Many of our enemies are interested in destabilizing Ukraine and they always highlight the problem of corruption in our country. They keep saying that corruption is very common… And I think that is exaggerated,” said Groisman.

In his opinion, corruption in many spheres it was possible to win, but detractors continue to exaggerate this theme, creating a negative environment around Ukraine.

Significant achievements in the fight against corruption Groysman called the introduction of the online procurement “Prozorro”, decentralization of the budget, the equalization of government and commercial rates of gas, purchase of medicines with the help of international organizations.

In addition, one of the most important stages of the fight against corruption, the Premier said the successful privatization.

Recall that in the environment of German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently said that Ukraine is “rampant corruption” starts with leadership.