The project “Mentoring”: what will happen after graduation?

Проект "Наставничество": что будет после выпускного?

In the boarding schools of Donetsk region hosted the prom. Among children who are educated – participants of the project “Tutorship” of Rinat Akhmetov Foundation.

Children are not only found older friends-mentors, but also received the necessary knowledge and skills for life outside the orphanage.

“More than a year Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation is implementing the project “Nastavnicheskii”. We can talk about the important results which we see every day. The progress of children in school has improved, and thanks to the trainings, master-classes, excursions to the enterprises and the advice of mentors, some children have already decided with your future profession”, – said the head of the project “Mentoring” Natalia Boryspolska.

According to the mentors, thanks to the project they gained real friends – children who need their care and attention. Sharing their life experience and warmth, they helped their students to prepare for independent life, become more confident, to determine their future profession. And they will continue their communication, despite the fact that the active part of the project, after over a year of work, was completed.

“Thanks to the project of Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation, I met Nina. I have made a friend. Small. Caring. So, who wants to give warmth, to give attention, to give time to. It so happened that Nina needs support. I have it turned to instant understanding. I’m happy to share the knowledge that I have. Despite the fact that today, Nina is released from the orphanage, we will continue the dialogue. She dreams of becoming a teacher, I believe that we will succeed and she will go to College. In any case, she need to be on life support,” said the coach Yulia Akimova.

Children share positive feedback about the project. They say that for a short time in their lives, major changes have occurred and they are already thinking how to live. “The project I met my mentor, she is very sociable. We became friends with her, she helps me to plan for the future. We have only the beginning of communication. When I leave the orphanage, we will meet more often, to travel to different cities, visit museums. It is very fun I have, and it is pleasant to communicate” – shared the pupil of the boarding school Nina.

Graduates of the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation, has made a useful gift – a suitcase full of things necessary for comfort living: dishes, linens, towels and other things. “Pots, pans – is what to cook! Towels, bed linen – what you need. This is useful gifts. We are released, we have nothing. No dishes, well, I can give only some bed. Need to eat and what to cook. Thank you for this!” – said Nina.

During the work of the project was held 11 training courses, which have trained 107 potential mentors. Only 43 were formed of a pair of “mentor-child”. Mentors helped the children to determine their path in life, choose a profession and acquire useful skills. “We can say that children become more confident, positive, open to the world. Some children from the project “Mentoring” has already chosen a profession. Many decided on the location for further study – started training, promote those items that you need to pass. There are children who were previously uncommunicative, and now opened. This is a positive results that some psychologists are unable to achieve for years”, noted the coordinator of the project “Mentoring” Dmitry Teeth.

The Rinat Akhmetov Foundation continues to monitor the situation in pairs and provide consulting support to children and their mentors, as well as social services. “We understand that we can’t replace parents, but to become good friends and provide children with orphan support is one of the main objectives of the Fund. We will remain in contact with children and mentors, we are creating a secure communication platform on the social network Facebook” – said the head of the program “no to Orphancy!” Natalia Boryspolska.