“The project of surrealism”. As Savchenko is justified

"Проект сюрреализма". Как Савченко оправдывается

The people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko, admitted the charges against him, but argues that he did not want a coup, and she conducted a special operation.

Case protivorvotnoe Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko is becoming more comedic turn. And she even produces commercials in which he calls himself a presidential candidate.

She already admitted that the charges are not groundless, but now says that it was her deliberate provocation. That is, you got it all wrong, this is all I have thought up, and to blow anyone wanted.

Correspondent.net tried to understand the stream of consciousness Savchenko.


Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko declared that Nadezhda Savchenko was planning a “terrorist act in the Parliament to destroy grenades in two boxes, mortars to bring down the dome of the Verkhovna Rada and machine guns to finish off those who survive”.

According to Lutsenko, she allegedly recruited people for this and gave appropriate instructions.

Previously Savchenko, did not comment on accusations of plotting a coup, seize power and murder of the highest state leadership.

Now, on the eve of consideration in the Rules Committee the question of removing it from the immunity and the arrest Savchenko made a number of important statements

Version Savchenko

Savchenko said that is not prepared for a terrorist attack in the Parliament, because it could hurt innocent people.

“Never in my life did not allow even a thought and will not allow that the Parliament can undermine so that killed the innocent along with the guilty. I’m in the Verkhovna Rada for two years. If I was planning something, I would have done something. There are people who without me will launch this Parliament somewhere in space.”

The Deputy acknowledged that would change the current government of Ukraine, but in a peaceful way, although previously it called a military coup – the right situation in the country.

Savchenko said that kept talking about the terrorist attacks in order to mislead the authorities and to mock it.

Savchenko acknowledged that the involved in the export of weapons from the occupied territories, but with talk about the terrorist attacks, all this is her special operation.

Attempt and a double agent?

Savchenko admitted that after returning from Russia to Ukraine continued to communicate with those who spoke in Russian captivity, and those people supposedly were ready “to undermine the situation in the occupied territories from within.”

Savchenko called the “object A” of people who allegedly wanted to eliminate it, and “object B” – one of the volunteers who helped in the liberation of prisoners.

To eliminate it would, supposedly by order of the Ukrainian authorities, and specifically the presidential Administration.

“After I came out people from the occupied territories, with the desire to help Ukraine to make the uprising in the occupied territories, in the same period of about came to me object a, which was tasked by my elimination. I call “object” because it is not one man,” said she.

Savchenko said that he wanted to bond with those who were supposed to eliminate.

“Object And I closer to him as close as possible. I brought people who wanted to contact with the other side. Was held certain special operations the special forces, the various structures of the Armed forces and all law enforcement agencies of Ukraine”, – she said.

“When object a entered contact with me, I tried to spin the situation so that you can create in the future a political provocation,” – said Savchenko their actions.

According to her, the videos, which are available on the GPU, recorded office, warehouse hotel, where she met with the object, as well as records of military units and polygons from the grey zone.

According to Savchenko, “the object And” she wanted to use, in particular for the release of prisoners – in order to “simplify the transition and return.”

“The object And it was interesting to record everything I do. So I started to create surrealism, which was the fact that not only, as Lutsenko told, grenades in different directions, the mortar on the dome – I was told all the conceivable operations, while constantly consulting the object A. the Object And gave their proposals,” – said the Deputy.

According to her, the “object A” was offered, for example, to go to the birthday of Oleksandr Turchynov at the end of March, when they gather the entire political leadership.

“We developed the scheme, how, where, what methods can eliminate the power elite. Everything is an object And continuously recorded on the equipment – the so-called “broken telephone” – said Savchenko.

According to her, from jokes to colleagues in Parliament, she had learned the idea to run the gas into the ventilation system of the Verkhovna Rada.

“Such surreal ideas, too, came the object And have to fix all this and pass to be able to create a political provocation, which at the moment happened”, – said the Deputy.

“This is not an attack, this is a political provocation to show the power of ridiculous,” – says Savchenko.

“Developed various special operation that completed and became the special project of surrealism …” – said Savchenko.

It incited

Savchenko says that people who were tasked to destroy it, incited her to the coup.

“The object And work was done to bring me to the high level of organization of the so-called coup,” she said at the briefing.

“When people make a revolution or a coup, these people usually kamikaze – they never ask about money. When people ask how much it will cost, you understand that with such people on one field to get, not only to fight to go or to make a revolution,” said Savchenko.

“The task of the object And to identify all possible sources of funding me as a political force and a political unit. Because, first of all, it is a political problem from our government for me except for physical elimination”, – said the MP.

“As the task was to make contact with possible sources of my funding. So every time the “object And” said I need to find the money, I said “of course”, but never sought,” – said Savchenko.

She is convinced that a military coup does not need money: “it doesn’t need the money. People need the will and courage, not money.”
According to her, the secret service “never reveal the real attacks… because I don’t want to go to ourselves.”

“When there is the ability to create fake terrorist attacks, crimes or the illusion of intelligence agencies willing to take. Because Poroshenko need to wrought in the ears of its usefulness,” – said Savchenko.

According to her, the army hates the current President.

“I really drew maps. You will see a couple of videos: one made And it looks like the dome of the Verkhovna Rada and how it is vulnerable. The second video I did – it looks like a dome from the inside and how it is vulnerable,” – said Savchenko.

But, according to her, the government is so afraid that he believes even “absurd”.

“The object And filed most crazy theories, how to destroy the government quarter. Object B is played up. I drew and sketched it on the schematics – to be able to believe that this is the reality,” – said Savchenko.

In her opinion, if the conduct of the examination, they will “break up these fantasies in tatters”.


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