The promoter Kovalev: Sergey will be ten times better than in the first fight

Промоутер Ковалева: Сергей будет в десять раз лучше, чем в первом бою

Sergey Kovalev

Kathy Duva, representing the interests of former world champion Sergey Kovalev, is confident that her client will be able to take revenge on Andre ward

“In the upcoming battle you will see the two best boxers in the world, and I think this is the meeting that you would like to see the fans. I guess it should be a terrific match. Kovalev and ward had months to think about what they want to do.

You will see two great athletes, and it will be a cool sight. Sergey will be ten times better than in the first meeting, and return the belt. This time he changed the training process, then he quickly ran out of gas, but this time it is surrounded by the right people. Today it is in a form which he never had before. Kovalev will kick ward’s ass” – quoted by Cathy Duwu

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Note that a Boxing match between Sergey Kovalev (30-1-1, 26 KO’s) and Andre ward (31-0, 15 KO’s) is scheduled for June 17 in Las Vegas (USA).

The fight is tentatively commence on 18 June at 06:30 am Kyiv time. Also on our website will be available a text online broadcast of the match.

The first confrontation between Sergey Kovalev and Andre ward took place in November last year also in Las Vegas. Then the unanimous decision of judges has won the American.

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