The Prosecutor General’s office reported that Klimenko suspected of committing a number of criminal violations

В Генпрокуратуре сообщили, что Клименко подозревается в совершении ряда уголовных нарушений

Ex-Minister income and charges Alexander Klimenko suspected of committing a number of criminal violations. Thus, the Agency denied published in the media is evidence that the person is not a suspect. This was reported by the press service of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

“Due to widespread separate media reports that the ex-Minister of incomes and fees of Yanukovych allegedly Klimenko is not a suspect in any criminal proceedings, the General Prosecutor’s office informs that the Chief military Prosecutor General Prosecutor’s office is currently under investigation in criminal proceedings concerning the former high-ranking state officials, including Klimenko, who is suspected of committing criminal offenses under part 1 of article 255, part 4 of article 28, paragraph 5 of article 2191, part 4 of article 28, part 2 of article 205, part 4 of article 28, part 1 St. 366 criminal code of Ukraine”, – stated in the message.

It clarifies that we are talking about participation in an organized criminal organization, the Commission in its composition the most serious crimes against state property, crimes of average and small weight in the sphere of economic and service activities that caused serious consequences in the form of material damage to the state of $ 3.1 billion UAH, that is in especially large sizes.

The suspect Klimenko failed to appear on August 19 to call the investigator, so it was handed to the suspect in accordance with the requirements of the code of criminal procedure in the manner provided in this Code for the delivery of messages.

Recall, GPU announced Klimenko on suspicion in assignment of 616 million UAH. He was also declared wanted by the security service and Interpol. He Klimenko believes all the charges “politically motivated.”

Thus lawyers Klimenko claim that he currently has no status of a suspect. This information was published by several media outlets.