The Prosecutor General’s office took the officials of the state forestry

Генпрокуратура взялась за чиновников Гослесхоза

GPU prevents the illegal export of unprocessed timber

The GPU carries out pre-judicial investigation in criminal proceedings concerning officials of the state forest enterprises.

The Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine began pre-judicial investigation in the proceedings against the officials of Forestry. On Tuesday, November 20, reported on the website of the GPU.

So, it is established that officials of the state forest enterprises with the aim of providing illegal benefits to companies, which for 2018 is purchased from these companies for untreated wood, with wood selling, violating the procedure of the sale, noted in the documentation of false information about her.

In particular, in contracts, commodity-transport invoices and debit notes that state forestry enterprises implement the specified companies “firewood”, “wood fuel”, etc., while noting the technical characteristics, appropriate technological inputs, the result of which was significant damage to the state.

It was found that these companies are specialized in the auction did not participate, private plate, plywood and pulp and paper production do not have, and only purchase technological raw materials with violation of the relevant procedures at the state forest enterprises at a reduced cost for subsequent resale at market price.

In the course of the search found seven wagons containing wood, firewood, fuel and technological raw materials. During a pretrial investigation it is established that one of the companies bought from state forest enterprises exclusively firewood and wood fuel. However, in these cars contains in addition to the firewood and wood fuel also technological raw materials.

In addition, the Department on investigation of criminal proceedings in the sphere of economy the Main investigation Department carried out pre-trial investigation against officials of the state fiscal service of Ukraine and state forest resources Agency of Ukraine. During pre-trial investigation are the circumstances of the exportation outside of the state, contrary to the laws of Ukraine, untreated timber.

So, at the end of July 2018 the investigators together with employees of customs and the state forest resources Agency carried out inspection of railway wagons with timber, which was intended for export to the EU. The results revealed that lowering the volume of timber and attempted to export raw timber. These timber seized by the court and they seized.

As reported, over three quarters of 2018, Ukraine exported 1.57 million tonnes of fuel wood.

Named as buyers of smuggled woods from Ukraine


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