The Prosecutor has asked the Ministry of justice of Israel to help to give Yu a message about suspicion

ГПУ попросила Минюст Израиля помочь вручить Ставицкому сообщение о подозрении

The Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine the Ministry of justice of Israel’s request for assistance regarding the award to the former Minister of energy and coal industry Eduard Stavytskyi notification about suspicion in Commission of especially grave crimes. This reports the press service of the GPU.

So, from 19 to 21 April the Deputy General Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios called for an official visit to Israel.

“During the talks in the Knesset, the chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios gave the Minister of justice of Israel the request of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine on international legal assistance in the investigation against the former Minister of energy and coal industry of Ukraine E. stavytsky on presenting the latest notification about the suspicion of committing especially serious crimes against the state. According to the investigation data of Interpol, the Ukrainian ex-official is hiding on the territory of the state of Israel, changing his name to Nathan Rosenberg”, – stated in the message.

The Minister of justice of Israel Ayelet sheked the assured organization in consideration of the said petition in the shortest possible time.

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Recall that Eduard stavytsky was suspected of misappropriation, embezzlement of state property through abuse of power committed in respect of especially large amounts, or as part of an organized group. During the search of his places of residence militiamen withdrew 4,8 million dollars. and 42 kg of gold. The former head of the Ministry of energy was declared wanted by the interior Ministry, security service, and Interpol.

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