The Prosecutor of Kiev has surprised journalists “majeure” Declaration

Прокурор из Киева удивил журналистов "мажорной" декларацией

One of the houses attorney

At relatively low income attorney living large.

The Kyiv Prosecutor the local Prosecutor’s office No. 6 Paul Milenin owns several apartments in the most expensive houses in Kiev and BMW. This was reported in his Declaration, reports Prosud.

It is noted that Milenin was the assistant people’s Deputy Mykhailo Poplavskiy. In 2009, he worked in the State Committee for financial monitoring of Ukraine.

Despite the relatively low income – for the period from 2014 through 2016, he declared only 406 thousand UAH of income, and his wife Catherine – 6,3 million UAH – the Prosecutor lives in a big way.

For example, in 2016 Milenin received a gift from his father, the former head of traffic police Department, the house and land in the Metropolitan Bortnichi, Darnytskyi district. Total floor area – 433 sq. m. Its value today is around 10.3 million. However, in the Declaration, the Prosecutor noted that the price of the house – 324 thousand UAH, and the land is 824 thousand UAH.



In addition, Milenin declared an apartment in the capital, in the highest residential building in Ukraine. Today, 1 square meter of housing there is about 54 thousand UAH, and the cost of the entire prosecutorial apartment with an area of 158 sq. m. can reach up to 8.5 million UAH.

Also Milenin has declared an apartment of 121 sqm and two garages of 40 square meters in Kyiv.



Also declared the wife of the Prosecutor, house area 377 sqm in mykhailivka-Rubezhivka, two apartments with area of 102 and 60 sq m in Kyiv, land and Parking spaces, the couple have a couple of hours from brands Chaumet and Frank Muller.

Are luxury cars Milenina. In June 2017 instead of the old BMW 530d, he bought a new BMW 540i. Specified in the Declaration value of the car – 2 million UAH.

The very same Catherine Milenina in 2016 bought a new BMW X5 2016 release for 1.6 million.

Where is the money for all this property is an open question. What is known is that successful businesses none of the family members had not.

We will remind, in Kiev 25-year-old Prosecutor Obolon Prosecutor Alain Babita owns four apartments.