The Prosecutor’s office began pre-judicial investigation into the attack on the head of the VSP Benedick

Прокуратура начала досудебное расследование по факту нападения на главу ВСП Бенедисюка

Chairman of the Supreme Council of justice Igor Benedik, archive photo

In accordance with the decision of the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine – Chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios, the military Prosecutor of the Kiev garrison Central region of Ukraine carries out pre-judicial investigation in criminal proceedings on the fact of committing by a group of persons of hooliganism, the attack on the Chairman of the High Council of justice Igor Benedick and his wife. About it reports a press-service GPU.

In a press-service reported that the investigation is currently established that 17.03.2017 in the evening representatives of the public movement “Tradition and order,” the former battalion of patrol service of militia of special function “Harpoon”, as well as minors, was attacked by the Chairman of the High Council of justice I. Benedicta and his wife. During the attack, 13 aggressive individuals in the “Balaklava” had hindered the movement of the car I. Benedica, shouting threats about inflicting bodily harm due to his professional activities, but also attacked by unidentified objects in the car.

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To prevent illegal actions of the specified persons in the “Balaclava” Chairman of the Supreme Council of justice, called the police, reported the attackers. However, the information in the past caused even more aggression.

Seeing that the life and health of his and wife real danger, I. Benedick made from a premium firearm firing a warning shot. Only after this group of people retreated to a safe for all participants of the event, distance, and the attack was discontinued.

Among the versions that are checked by the pre-trial investigation body obstruction of his professional activities as a statesman.

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“Group of persons consisting of 13 people investigation found. In accordance with the requirements of the criminal procedural legislation they are summoned to the investigator of the military Prosecutor of the Kiev garrison, scheduled and conducted examination, investigative experiment, question witnesses, reviews of video cameras that were in the area of the scene. According to the results of complex investigative and search actions and the evidence collected will decide on qualification of actions of the attackers and the legality of the use of weapons”, – reported in Prosecutor’s office.

Pre-judicial investigation is on control of the management of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

Recall that Poroshenko called the attack on the head of the VSP Benedica an attempt to disrupt the judicial reform.

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