The Prosecutor’s office checks the use of weapons by police near Kiev, the victim in serious condition

Прокуратура проверяет применение оружия полицейским под Киевом, пострадавший в тяжелом состоянии

The man against whom yesterday afternoon, police used firearms, shot in the stomach, Kiev is now in intensive care in serious condition. About it on air of “112 Ukraine” said the speaker of Netpolice in Kiev region Nikolay Zhukovich.

“The victim is now in intensive care in a grave condition, doctors struggle for his life,” said Zhukovich.

He also said that now the Prosecutor’s office checks concerning the actions of the police, which opened fire with his service weapon seized and sent for examination, the Prosecutor’s office will give appropriate decision on this event. The examination will last a week or two.

The police also reported that the police opened fire, taking into account those factors that the man was inadequate, in a condition of alcoholic intoxication, resisted with the use of bladed weapons and was an immediate threat to the officer.

“At first he tried to damage the property of neighbors: an axe and a knife chopped the wheels of one car, then tried another car – but the neighbor hid it in the yard. He went to the neighbors to pester. Patrol the crew tried to calm the man, then tried to cuff, but it failed to do, the man tried to SIC his dogs on patrol, he tried with a knife to attack a police officer, and his partner was forced to use weapons. While he warned about this. It was an immediate threat to the police officer, the man was not adequate and resisted with the use of bladed weapons. It was therefore decided to the neutralization of dangerous social elements,” said the speaker.

He also reported that the man previously brought to criminal liability under articles 125 and 129 of the criminal code. It’s injuries which he stabbed his wife, and also a death threat.

Yesterday near Kiev drunk man with a knife attacked the police, they used weapons.