The Prosecutor’s office received the record of the murder of a resident of curve Lake

Прокуратура получила запись с места убийства жителя Кривого Озера

Place of murder of Alexander Zuckerman

However, the Prosecutor did not specify whether the video recorded the time of the murder or beatings.

The Prosecutor’s office of the Nikolaev area confirmed the seizure of the video footage from the supermarket, which is near the place of murder of Alexander Zukerman in curve Lake.

This information in the air of 112 Ukraine was confirmed by the Deputy Prosecutor Stepan was Boilo.

However, he did not say whether the video recorded at the time of the murder or beatings.

“This server is currently under examination, the results of the research we determine, that we will see and we will be notified of this society,” he said Bailo.

Also continue the search for the gun that was killed by Zuckerman.

“So far they are inconclusive. The suspect is confused in the testimony, at some point he refuses to testify as to the whereabouts of this gun,” – said Deputy Prosecutor.

Boilo was also confirmed that a police officer Denis Lahutsky, who is suspected of the murder, had previously worked in another territorial police Department.

“But to confirm or deny that he was transferred for aggressive behavior I can’t” – say the Prosecutor’s office.

Earlier local mass-media referring to sources in Prosecutor’s office reported that the investigators investigating the murder of policemen in the curve Lake local resident Alexander Zuckerman, there was a record from the cameras, which filmed the entire incident. According to media reports, a surveillance camera captured the beating of Zuckerman, and the time of the shooting.

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