The Prosecutor’s office searched the apartment of his brother Zalishchuk media

Прокуратура обыскала квартиру брата Залищук – СМИ

In the case of Klimenko has searched the apartment of brother Zalischuk

There is no information whether in the apartment the father of the people’s Deputy Svetlana Zalishchuk.

The room in which the law enforcement officers conducted searches in the case of the criminal scheme of the ex-Minister of income and fees Alexander Klimenko, was the brother of MP MFP Svetlana Zalishchuk. On Thursday, October 26, reports Ukrainian Pravda with reference to his lawyer Yury Sobolev.

“At Vershigory 9 was Zalishchuk Mr Petrovich, brother of Svetlana Zalishchuk. On Thursday he came home and saw this picture: loops ripped out, the door is ruined, the garbage lying around, external door to the dressing room open. No one has contacted… We called the police. Waiting for its hour. We were pleased to see that the result will come in five hours,” – said the lawyer from the scene.

According to Sobolev, it is not known whether there had been a search.

“We don’t know because I don’t want to go there in case this is a crime scene”, he said.

The lawyer stressed that Vladimir Zalishchuk spelled out in this apartment and it has no relation to the activities of the sister, nor the father.

At the same time on a question, whether in this apartment, the father of Svetlana, Sobolewski could not answer.



We will remind, earlier people’s Deputy from BPP Svetlana zalischuk, the father of which employees of GPU Thursday, October 26, allegedly carried out searches in the case of ex-Minister Klymenko, called the actions of unprofessional law enforcement officers.