The Prosecutor’s office will appeal against the court’s decision to release under house arrest Nefedova, defendant in the “case 2 may”

Прокуратура обжалует решение суда выпустить под домашний арест Мефедова, обвиняемого по "делу 2 мая"

The Prosecutor’s office will appeal against the decision of the court to change the measure of restraint to the Russian Evgeny Nefedova, who is accused in the case on may 2. Reports a press about it-service of Prosecutor’s office.

“Despite the position of public prosecutors on the extension of a measure of restraint for the accused in custody, the court ruling on the accused 27.05.2016 Nefedova E. I. who is a citizen of the Russian Federation, to change the measure of restraint from detention to house arrest – wearing an electronic control device. The procedural head in this production is preparing an appeal to a specified court decision”, – stated in the message.

All in the Malinovsky district court of Odessa on the pending indictment in criminal proceedings on the twenty defendants in the mass riots on may 2.

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2 may 2014 Odessa in Odessa during the riots 48 people died and more than 200 were injured. Most of the victims died in the House of trade unions. The investigation revealed that the riots in Odessa were organized and deliberately planned. A few days later the police arrested the main defendants of extremist organizations, as well as several police officers. In addition, the former Deputy chief of GU Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine in Odessa region Dmitry Fuchedzhi was declared wanted. He crossed the border of Ukraine and disappeared from the investigation.

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