The protesters blocked the road Chernivtsi

Протестующие перекрыли дорогу на Черновцы

Residents of villages in Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi regions blocked the road

In a protest attended by about 100 people. They go on the crosswalk and do not miss any cars or buses.

Residents of several villages of the Kosovo district, Ivano-Frankivsk and Vyzhnytsya and Putyla district, Chernivtsi regions blocked the road in the village of Velykyi rozhyn with the requirement to repair it. On Tuesday, September 11, writes UKRINFORM with reference to the village Council of the village Pidzakharychi Putyla district.

It is noted that about a hundred people walking on a pedestrian crossing and do not pass any cars or buses.

“To get from Putyla in Chernivtsi, people have to change from one bus to another” – told the village head Arina Andryuk.

In place covering the huge stopper was formed. There are representatives from rural councils Vyzhnytsia, Putyla and Kosovo areas.

According to protesters, the road is in a terrible state. If action is not taken, tomorrow they will block the road to Putila.

In the Service of highways of the protesters explained that the repair work was suspended due to lack of funding.

We recall the morning of September 11 in Mykolaiv region, protesters blocked the highway N-14 Nikolaev – Aleksandrovka – Kropiwnicki and N-11 Nikolaev Dnipro demanding from the government to return nearly 100 million hryvnias on repair of roads.

Also earlier inhabitants of the Bolgradsky region of Odessa region blocked the two routes: Odessa – Reni and Odessa – the city. They demanded from the district authorities ‘ permission for the registration of land.


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