The psychological state Shchetinina pressed the problems that apparently led to the breakdown colleague

На психологическое состояние Щетинина давили проблемы, что, видимо, и привело к срыву, - коллега

Journalist and former colleague of the deceased journalist Alexander Shchetinin, Oleg Shro believes that it probably really was a suicide. He said this broadcast “112”.

According to him, Shchetinina on Davila, in particular, the inability to see the children who remained in Russia.

“For me it was a shock, I recognized it in the night. In fact, in mind is not fit until now. I’m inclined to agree with the official version, most likely it was a suicide. I think Sasha just those problems that put pressure on him the last time, they affected his mental state that led to such a disruption,” says OMH.

He noted that Shchetinina vs Russia tried to bring criminal charges and there have even been attempts to detain him at the airport.

“I don’t think it (the murder due to professional activities – ed.) but of course he was very strong pressure from Russia. The website “New region” was not available in Russia, he also tried to Institute criminal proceedings, as far as I know, even tried a couple of times to hold up at the airport when he went to Russia. He grieved at parting with their children, which does not have the ability to communicate. These points very much it was crushed,” says a colleague of the deceased.

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As reported, suicide and professional activity – basic version of the police on the death of the journalist Shchetinina.

We will remind, in the night from 27 to 28 August in the apartment on Konstantinovskaya str was found dead journalist Alexander Shchetinin. It found friends.

Open criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 115 (“Premeditated murder”) the criminal code of Ukraine with further legal qualification (“Suicide”).