The published correspondence between the leaders of the protests.

Опубликована переписка лидеров протестов под Радой

Correspondence in a chat group Carthage

Policy discuss how to “vtulit” their demands in medical reform.

The network got correspondence from group chat Carthage in which the organizers of the protest at the Verkhovna Rada and coordinate their actions and discuss organizational issues.

In particular, the correspondence of this group chat during a meeting of the Parliament through the MP from the Freedom Andriy Ilienko, reports the website of #Letters.

From the correspondence it became known that the organizers of the protest at BP want to enter their requirements in the law on medifarma.

“I don’t see options as vtulit in madrepora our requirements now. If we have allowed consideration… a logical position,” – says the coordinator of the public movement Chesno Mykola Vyhovsky.

Also from the correspondence it became clear why the organizers of the “let the people” from the rally and will gather only on Thursday.

“Today, motivate a significant number of people that they are standing day and night until Thursday evening is unlikely. These are the realities. Perhaps I should give people to relax and think about the collection on Thursday,” said the leader of the Civil position Anatoly Gritsenko.

The Executive Director of the NGO Center UA, coordinator of the public movement Chesno ina Borzillo also proposed to split the headquarters until Thursday.

“You need to break… the headquarters of the organizers until Thursday and to call people to come on Thursday. Did someone issued order for tomorrow or Thursday?”, writes Borzillo in the chat.

The people’s Deputy from Freedom Mikhail Golovko also, during the session of the Verkhovna Rada talked in the chat group Carthage.

From the correspondence it becomes clear that the protest is well planned, and each party has led the people on a predetermined place in the Parliament.

So, the representative of the “movement novih forces,” Mikheil Saakashvili Olha halabala, explaining the location, directly writes to point “Automaidan”.

“No. Grushevskogo. The Point Of Automaidan. How to look at the main entrance from Hrushevskoho street on the left,” writes Halabala.

Also, the organizers are interested in under the Rada from people’s deputies who remained in the hall, on the progress of their claims. Thus, the coordinator of the public movement Chesno Vyhovsky interested in agenda on Thursday.

“On Thursday in the agenda and election integrity?”, – he asks.

The people’s Deputy from BPP Svetlana zalischuk also “lit up” in this chat.

“Go”, – wrote the MP.

The publication notes that this is only part of the correspondence, which was captured by journalist Andrey Dzindzya.

In turn, people’s Deputy Svitlana zalishchuk told Public radio that the chat with the name of Carthage is really there.

“We talked about this stock and established certain rules, agreed that there will be paid activists. We agreed on the principles, rules and requirements under the legislation. We agreed on how we do not allow provocations, provide protection, as reported on the rapid coordination. There (in the chat – ed.) include representatives of public associations and political forces,” said Zalishchuk.

As reported Корреспондент.neton 17 October near the Verkhovna Rada began the campaign for political reforms, initiated by supporters of the former Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili and various political forces.

On this day, the same day there were clashes between activists and law enforcement officers. Activists tried to break through the cordon, but the staff of the National guard used the spray gas. Injured at least four people.

On the morning of 18 October, near the Parliament where several hundred protesters with the requirement to undertake extensive political reforms. Also near the Parliament, on duty security forces.