The published route of the missing aircraft EgyptAir

Опубликован маршрут пропавшего самолета авиакомпании EgyptAir

FlyRadar service published the route of the missing aircraft of EgyptAir, which was flying from Paris to Cairo.

The airliner A320 flying over the Swiss Alps, along the Adriatic coast, over the territory of Albania and Greece. Communication with the aircraft was lost when it was over the Mediterranean sea.

FlyRadar thus did not record any emergency messages originating from the liner.

The airline reported that onboard there were 66 people – 56 passengers and 10 crew members. Ambassador of Ukraine to Egypt Hennadii laty reported that on Board the EgyptAir plane was not Ukrainians.

The aircraft was manufactured in 2003. The commander of the crew flew 6275 hours, including 2101 hours on the identical model.