The queues at the border with Poland is idle 840 cars – SBS

В очередях на границе с Польшей простаивает 840 автомобилей, - ГПСУ

The line of cars at a checkpoint on the border of Ukraine with Poland

On the Ukrainian-Polish border in the seven checkpoints formed a queue of 840 cars. About this on his page in Facebook reports a press-service of the Western regional administration of State border service of Ukraine.

In particular, the PP “Krakovets” on the design expecting 250 cars, the PP “Rava-Ruska” – 150, PP “Smolnica” – 130 PP “shehyni” – 100 PP “Yagodin” Avto – 100 PP “uhryniv” – 60 PP and “Pears” – 50 cars.

On the border with Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova queue is not fixed.

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