The queues at the border with Poland there are more than 1300 cars

В очередях на границе с Польшей стоят более 1300 авто

Most queues have formed at three points.

As of 22.00 Wednesday, 30 November, at the checkpoints on Ukrainian-Polish border in the queues are 1,350 vehicles, the press service of the Western regional Department of state frontier service.

The highest stage recorded in front of checkpoints “Ustyluh”, “Krakovets” and “Rava-Ruska”: there in the queue is 350, 280 and 250 cars, respectively.

At the checkpoint “Yagodin-auto” – 150, “Ugrinov” – 130, “shehyni” – 120 “Pears” – 70 vehicles.

On the border with Hungary near PP “Tisa” is 30 cars, on the border with Slovakia near PP “Uzhgorod” – 20 car, on the border with Romania near PP “Porubnoe” – 50 cars. On the border with Moldova in PP “Mamaliga-auto” – auto 20.

The national police showed new signs

We will remind, on November 28 at the checkpoints on Ukrainian-Polish border stood in queues more than 900 cars.