The radicals called on to block LGBT March in Kiev

Радикалы призвали блокировать ЛГБТ-марш в Киеве

The organizers of the gay parade said they did not intend to change plans, despite the threats.

The head of the press service of the Right sector Artem Skoropadsky said in Facebook that the representatives of nationalist organizations blocked the venue in Kiev equality March Kievprayd.

“The nationalists from many organizations, blocked the Park Shevchenko, Vladimirskaya street and a teacher’s House not to allow a gay parade in Kiev. We urge everyone who can come to the red building of the University (im. Taras Shevchenko – ed.) or tomorrow at seven in the morning on the Maidan”, – wrote Skoropadsky.

In response to the publication of the speaker of the Right sector, the organizers of the gay parade said that the plans will not change.

“We do not intend to cancel the March KyivPride. Urge to go to the March of equality for all who oppose the far-right blackmail. The teacher’s house, 9.00,” – wrote in Facebook one of the organizers of the LGBT March Zoryan KIS.

Recall, on the eve of the equality March in Kiev on June 18, unknown persons placed physical threats to participants on the website of Gay-Alliance Ukraine.

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