The radio station warned for insulting the heroes of the Maidan

Радиостанцию предупредили из-за оскорбления героев Майдана

The national Council issued a warning to radio News

The guest of the radio station was seen in offensive statements.

The national Council on television and radio broadcasting of Ukraine has used the Radio to Conduct warning for abuse aired by the radio station, to the participants of the revolution of dignity.

As reported in Facebook member of the national Council Sergei Kostinsky, the inspection found that the guest of the radio Tatyana Montyan during the dialogue with the listeners negatively expressed in the address of heroes of the revolution of dignity.

In particular, he has asked: “if the rates can be hung on those who were jumping on the Maidan in the pan”, “for example, I deeply on the drum, I listen to hard-core maydauny”, “Now live in the same house uporotyh maydauny and antimaydanovets”, and the like.

Радиостанцию предупредили из-за оскорбления героев Майдана

A screenshot of the message Sergey Kostinsky

Previously, the national Council found in violation of the language quotas of the station.

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