The rating of boilers long burning solid fuel

Рейтинг котлов длительного горения на твёрдом топливе

This is a ranking solid fuel boilers for heating is a good way to determine which one is better for installation in a private house and why.

Offer on the market today is great and you can find tens of models with similar cost and specification. Each manufacturer touts its products and colorfully describes the advantages of specific brands, but sometimes it confuses buyers. What really should pay attention when choosing solid fuel boilers long burning?

The best of the best

In the first lines of our rating solid fuel boilers for private homes were the five best in Ukraine boilers from well known manufacturers:

  • Model “KDG 20 kW” manufactured by Termico, Ukraine.
  • Model “Termite TT” 18 kW Termite company from the city of Kharkov.
  • The model of Ukrainian-Lithuanian plant STROPUVA boiler long burning STROPUVA U power of 20 kW.
  • Cylindrical domestic solid fuel boiler SWAG 20 kW made by the plant of the company “SWAG-boilers” in Melitopol.
  • Model boiler “TANKER 20”, released by “Uman-Boilers” of Uman, Cherkasy region.

All selected models have a nominal thermal power of 20 kilowatts and is designed for installation in cottages ranging from 180-230 sq. m.

Important: the Efficiency of solid fuel boilers is 80% dependent on the time of complete combustion of fuel than it is longer, the higher the quality of the unit. It is for this reason they are called long burning boilers. One tab of fuel should last at least 10-12 hours of heating of a private house.

The upper and lower combustion: two different approaches

The basis of all solid cats long burning lies the two most popular schemes: upper and lower combustion of the fuel. You may recall that an ordinary kitchen match burning for much longer if you keep it upright than with drooping head. So we can understand the principle of top combustion. It is more economical, but requires the injection of air by means of special pumps. The lower combustion boilers have a simple design and used a natural appetite.

Important: the efficiency of the selected combustion system depends on a solid fuel boiler better. For unit capacity of 15-30 kilowatts, it is preferable to use a more simple and robust design with no additional compressors.

The burning of wood in solid fuel boilers takes place at a temperature of 550° C and above. To conserve heat and provide durability to the machine itself, manufacturers try to achieve the minimum allowable temperature of operation, without overheating.

The feature of all solid fuel boilers long burning that water vapor from the raw wood comes in the process of pre-heating and drying is provided directly in the furnace. Manufacturers use different technological methods to increase the permissible moisture content of the fuel and the efficiency of its use.

Important: the Selected unit shall safely withstand the moisture of wood up to 50%, which provides a preliminary drying in the open air.

Advantages, disadvantages and criteria of comparison

In the technical descriptions of mining solid fuel boilers large number of different characteristics. There are models, where their number reaches 25 or more, but the value is not always able to explain even the specialist. For simplicity, the comparison in our ranking were selected only the most basic and obvious:

  • the thermal efficiency of the product in percent;
  • the thickness of the metal heat-loaded nodes.
  • the maximum allowable moisture content of wood;
  • chamber volume loading;
  • the size of the door for loading fuel;
  • while working on one tab of fuel;
  • the cross section of the chimney;
  • full weight of the boiler when installed;
  • the warranty period;
  • the price of the product.

Important: Options and design features not critical in the selection. The presence of automation and the discharge of the turbine can be considered a plus, and the thickness of the heat-loaded nodes is less than 4 mm. less .

Places in the ranking

The evaluation and feedback from customers, was ranked the best in Ukraine solid fuel boilers. The best quality, cheap and efficient products were included in our top:

The boiler long burning “TANKER 20”.

This solid fuel boiler long burning, made by the company Uman-Boilers from the Cherkasy region. It costs 18 UAH 600 and has the largest mass of all the candidates. That in itself is not bad, but would be very expensive and complicated Foundation to properly place the 350-pound unit in the basement of a private home.

Key benefits:

  • long burn time on one tab of fuel;
  • sturdy and strong metal with thickness up to 6 mm.


  • a very large weight;
  • low efficiency – 78%;
  • the relatively high price.

The product has good consumer options, but only ranks fifth in the top for a high mass, low efficiency and relatively high price.

SWAG heating boiler 20 kW of Melitopol company SWaG-Boilers.

Like many competitors, this boiler is able to heat a fairly large area. Often there is no need to lay the wood. The unit has a convenient cylindrical design and works on the principle of top combustion.

There are two drawbacks: SWAG 20 requiring the discharge of the turbine uninterruptable power supply and is over 26 thousand.


  • works up to 36 hours on one load of fuel;
  • a long warranty.


  • low efficiency of heat – 78%;
  • requires connection of electricity;
  • high price.

Solid fuel boiler model 20 kW SWAG company SWAG is in fourth place in the ranking.

Solid fuel boiler STROPUVA U Ukrainian-Lithuanian joint venture STROPUVA.

Compact unit with high efficiency and the manufacturer’s recommended price of 28.5 thousand. Weighs 280 kg and is equipped with discharge fan capacity of only 20 watts. Mine has a cylindrical design shape and excellent performance combined with great design. Intended for heating of private houses with firewood, peat or pressed briquettes. Permissible humidity fuel can reach 45%, which is consistent with modern requirements.


  • high efficiency (up to 88%);
  • a small envelope;
  • user-friendly design
  • low weight;


  • requires connection of electricity;
  • the presence of the telescope, which often goes bust.

Despite the quality, compactness, and full compliance with the technical standards of the European Union, this unit is on the third place for its high price in comparison with competitors.

Coal boiler long burning “Termite TT” 18 kW the same company.

The heating Assembly is designed to use firewood with a length up to 95 cm and has a large capacity boot of the furnace at a low weight of 160 kg. the sum of characteristics superior to most competitors, but has a cost of 28 thousand hryvnias and work time in one load no more than 12 hours.

Main advantages:

  • high efficiency;
  • compactness and small weight;
  • works on wood large size.


  • short time on one load of firewood;
  • high price.

Engine production Kharkov “Termite” takes the second place in the ranking and is suitable for those who are attracted to compact coal-fired boilers with high efficiency.

Model “KDG 20” of the company Termico.

This cheap boiler cost 20 599 UAH operates according to the classical scheme of the lower combustion boilers, supplemented by the fact that the combustion of the lower layer undergoes a complete post-combustion of gases on catalyst Karandawala of thermoconcrete. It can work up to 35 hours on a single load of fuel in continuous combustion mode. As fuel you can use coal, firewood, briquettes, sawdust and other organics with a moisture content up to 45%.

The advantages of boiler Termico:

  • high efficiency, reaching 85-90%;
  • very big Luggage boot;
  • the case is completely water cooled, what prevents burn-out;
  • efficient fuel combustion with a combustion catalyst;
  • work on one batch to 35 hours;
  • allows continuous operation during the heating season;
  • has a universal block chimney, enabling horizontal or vertical connections.


  • unattractive design;
  • a fairly large dimensions.

Model “KDG 20” of the company Termico rightfully occupies first place in the ranking of the best in Ukraine, solid fuel boilers, because it has the best ratio price-quality and surpasses the rest of the competition thermal efficiency and the duration of combustion.

An important addition

You should not choose a solid fuel boiler for heating of private houses only on the basis of the rating. When purchasing be sure to consult with a specialist.
This review was prepared with the assistance of experts — employees of the Ocean-Market, using materials section of the website dedicated boilers long burning household use.