The rating of MFIs Ukraine: who is the best to work with their clients

Рейтинг МФО Украины: кто лучше всех работает с клиентами

Customer service at MFI is an important criterion for the selection of the organization. Customers expect that the company will help them to understand the nuances in the contract and to choose the optimum conditions for the loan, as well as talk about all the shares.

Unfortunately, such information is not always provide.

To improve the quality of service built the rating of microfinance institutions of Ukraine, who provide loans online.

Some MFIs got into the rating: evaluation criteria

The main criterion of this rating – customer focus. Mainly the value of assets, volume of loans and interest rates of all MFIs in Ukraine are approximately at the same level. At the same time, the service can tell a lot about the approach of micro-Finance company to work with their clients.

In analyzed companies whose websites are on the first 10 pages of the search engine Google at the request of microcredit. Of them were screened out companies that:

  • do not issue credits to the card;
  • lend only to legal entities;
  • work only in certain cities.

Thus was formed a list of 46 microfinance institutions, which analysts estimated at the 5 key parameters:

  • the location and wording of the loan information on the website. It is important that on the website of the microfinance institution were painted all the conditions of the loan. The client must clearly understand what percentage of the fee he will have to repay whether early repayment a rollover and so on;
  • the quality of the staff at the call center MFI. Representatives of the company hand called all the companies with questions about the rates, conditions for registration, the extension option, the maturity profile of the debt, etc. it was Important to evaluate the completeness and accessibility of information provided to operators;
  • repayment options debt. An important criterion for evaluating an MFI is whether it is possible to repay the loan with different financial instruments through the box office or website, via terminals or via Internet banking. The more payment options the higher the score for the company;
  • loyalty program for customers. Almost all MFIs offer their customers promotions and other incentives for long-term cooperation, therefore, also considered the possibility of obtaining an interest-free loan to beginners, a reduced rate of, or a large payment deadline for regular borrowers;
  • the presence of an office with the consultants. For some clients it is important to contact the creditor directly, so to take into account the presence of the offices of the company.

To see the complete ranking of microfinance companies you can on the website.