The reaction of the fans to the appointment of Henderson captain England

Реакция фанатов на назначение Хендерсона капитаном сборной Англии

Jordan Henderson

Coach England appoint team captain Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson.

Various media reported that the successor to Steven Gerrard as captain of Liverpool, will wear the armband during the matches of the national team of England.

The appointment of 26-year-old midfielder captain caused outrage among fans of the Three lions, including the fans of Liverpool.

We offer you to look at some of the statements.

“Never interrupt your enemy when he chooses Jordan Henderson as our captain” – Napoleon Bonaparte.

“Never interrupt your enemy when they are naming Jordan Henderson as their captain. – Napoleon Bonaparte

– Welsh not British (@welshnotbritish) 29 August 2016 R.

Sam Allardyce will be officially the worst coach of England, if he will appoint Jordan Henderson as captain”.

Sam allardyce will officially be the worst England manager if he appoints Jordan Henderson as England captain #jordanhenderson

– Adam Houghton (@Adamhoughton28) 29 August 2016 R.

“If Jordan Henderson is the chosen captain of the England team, it will mean that he will play in the starting lineup?! Oh, sweet Christ, shoot me.”

If Jordan Henderson is named England captain that will mean he will be in the starting 11?! Jesus Christ above shoot me now

– Jord smith (@Jord__Smith) 29 August 2016 R.

Jordan Henderson should be named the new captain of England apparently. It gives me hope that Cheryl [UK singer, ex-wife of Ashley Cole] go out with me one day…

Jordan Henderson is to be named as Engand”s new captain apparently.
This gives me renewed hope of getting that date with Cheryl one day…

– Faizan (@Faizan8888) 29 August 2016 R.

“Jordan Henderson is captain of England. What’s next? Collect 8 tokens in cartons of cornflakes and get a call-up? Ridiculous decision.”

Jordan Henderson as England captain ? What next, collect 8 tokens on boxes of corn flakes and get a call up? Ludicrous decision if true #ENG

– David Alexander (@dave_alex_) 29 August 2016 R.
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