The real dropped to fifth place in the ranking of the most expensive clubs in the world

Реал опустился на пятую строчку рейтинга самых дорогих клубов мира

Real Madrid

Magazine Forbes has published rating of the most expensive sports clubs in the world.

Club of the National football League (NFL) Dallas Cowboys topped the rating of the most expensive sports clubs in the world, which was published in a recent ranking of Forbes.

The study was conducted among football clubs, NFL teams, NBA, MLB, National hockey League, Formula 1 and Nascar.

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The list was headed by the Dallas Cowboys, which is estimated to cost $ 4.2 billion. Second place went to club Major League baseball (MLB) new York Yankees, whose value is estimated at $ 3.7 billion. Third place went to the English football club Manchester United (3,69 billion).

Real Madrid dropped from second place to fifth. Cost Royal club is 3.58 billion. In fourth place Barcelona – 3.64 billion

The first top ten looks as follows:

1 (1). Dallas Cowboys (US, American football) – 4.2 billion (+5%),
2 (4). New York Yankees (US, baseball) to 3.7 billion (+9%),
3 (5). Manchester United (England, football) – 3,69 billion (+11%),
4 (3). Barcelona (Spain, football) – to 3.64 billion (+2%),
5 (2). Real (Spain, soccer) – 3.58 bln (-2%),
6 (6). New England Patriots (US, American football) – 3.4 billion (+6%),
7 (7). New York Knicks (USA, basketball) – 3.3 bn (+10%),
8 (9). New York giants (US, American football) to 3.1 billion (+11%),
9 (10). San Francisco forty Niners (US, American football) – 3 billion (+11%),
9 (10). Los Angeles Lakers (US, basketball) to 3 billion (+11%).

It should be noted that the top 51 (the new Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Eyndzhels divided the last line) is part 7 of the European football teams, 7 teams of the National basketball Association, 8 baseball clubs in MLB and 29 NFL teams. Representatives of the NHL, Formula 1 and Nascar are not included in the top 50.

According to the materials: