The recruitment and mobilization: When, whom and how much

Призыв и мобилизация: Когда, кого и сколько

In Ukraine less than 15 days begins the next conscription of citizens for military service, which it was decided to resume in 2015. In the autumn of 2013 was the last call, it was expected that the Ukrainian army will move to a contract basis, however, the events in the Donbass has made its adjustments. The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in March 2016 by his decree instructed the Cabinet to determine the number of citizens subject to conscription, and expenditures for it this year.

The government at its meeting approved the corresponding order. So, the call to military service in the Armed forces of Ukraine and other military formations will start from may 5 and will run until 30 June.

Total on military service it will be up to 16 thousand 615 Ukrainians. Of them in the APU will serve 8 thousand 15 people in the national guard to 4 thousand people in the state border service – 4 thousand people and Haspackage – 600.

Recently increased the age of conscription from 18 to 20 years. Therefore, in may 2016, according to the decree of the President will be called fit state of health to military service men who on the day of departure in military units was 20 years old, and persons under 27 years of age and not eligible for exemption or deferment from the service.

In January 2015 the Verkhovna Rada has increased the period of compulsory military service for soldiers and sailors, sergeants and petty officers who undergo military service in the armed forces of Ukraine and other military formations of up to 18 months (previously served), and for those who at the time of call has a higher education – 12 months.

The deferment provided for in the following cases: for family reasons, for health, for education, for continuing professional activities.

In defense of the claim that conscripts will serve exclusively outside the zone of the anti-antiterroristicheskoy operations.

Note that evasion from an appeal on military service, military service at the call of those officers shall be punishable by restraint of liberty for a term up to three years.

The violation of conscripts of military rules of accounting, their failure to appear on a call to the military Commissariat without any valid reasons or late presentation in the user body information, and the violation of the order of training sessions shall be punished by a fine of from five to seven non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens (UAH 85-119), and repeated within one year of the violation – a fine of 170-255 hryvnia.

Damage or negligent storage of the recruits accounting and military documents is also punishable by a fine of 17 to 51 UAH with the growth of repeated infringement.

For the spring call are provided 54 million 328,8 thousand hryvnias.

The prospects of the abolition of conscription

The decision to resume the call was made at the meeting of the NSDC of Ukraine in August 2014, when on Donbass were already actively fighting. The Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak, in an interview said that the abolition of conscription for military service “has led to the fact that we have virtually a whole generation of men were not ready to defend their country”.

“Urgent service allows you to cook a mobilization resource. Few countries can afford to completely abandon conscription. To prepare young men to protect their mills must, therefore my deep conviction that the call to cancel is not necessary. But we did the right thing when they increased the age of recruitment: not 18, and 20 years. It is no longer a student, and a formed personality. There are various populist statements with calls to cancel the call and switch to a contract army”, – he said.

The Minister said that a volunteer army will never win the war. According to him, during the active phase of warfare the country has had to resort to recruitment and mobilization.

According to the latest data, on military service under the contract in Armed forces of Ukraine came more than 21 thousand people and this figure, according to the defense Ministry, is growing. However, while talking about the abolition of compulsory military service early. The President also rule out the abolition of conscription to military service in the near future.

The seventh wave of mobilization, which may not be

Призыв и мобилизация: Когда, кого и сколько

For several months “stuck” question of the seventh wave of mobilization. First, the President said that he would bring to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine the draft law on the announcement of the next wave of mobilization after treatment of the General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine. In the General staff, in turn, stated that it has no plans to go to Poroshenko with this petition and noted that all depends on the situation in the ATO zone.

Later the staff is still explained that the seventh wave will be conducted, and to name the need for mobilized will be able to after becoming aware of the number of contract servicemen. It is already known that this wave will be less than six predidushih in which the army came 210 thousand people.

“In the APU optimization of military units and combat training, the army has received new equipment and weapons. We focus on strengthening combat capabilities at the expense of the training and security, and not the number of personnel. Thus, we can already say that the seventh wave will be smaller than the previous one,” says the General staff.

Previously, it was expected that the seventh wave of mobilization in Ukraine will be held in March. However, as the President said, contractors have delayed the new wave of mobilization, and also reduced its size.

Thus, it should be noted that literally Poroshenko said that “if this wave of mobilization, she will be the only one this year”. It gives reason to say that the seventh wave may not be.

If it is still to be announced, as forecast in the Ministry of defence will be called 10-12 thousand people, the President said that no more than 10 thousand

The type, volume, procedure and term of carrying out of mobilization are determined by the President. Mobilization shall be conscript men aged 20 to 60 years and women aged 20 to 50 years, provided the experience of military service. Thus, the recruitment of women is possible if the need and availability of positions to which it is possible to support them with the relevant military-registration specialities.

It should be noted that the citizens up to 25 years and men aged 50 to 60 years are employed only on a voluntary basis.

Not subject to conscription during the mobilization are: liable for military service reserved for the period of mobilization and wartime for public authorities; recognized temporarily unfit for military service for health reasons for up to six months; men who are dependent have three or more children under the age of 18 years; women and men, independently raising a child under the age of 18 years; men and women, the content of which is a disabled child of subgroup And age; women and men, the content of which is adult child, who is a disabled person of group I or II, up to the age of 23 years; adoptive parents, guardians, Trustees, adoptive parents, foster parents, engaged in constant care, people’s deputies of Ukraine, deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the clergy, students, postgraduates and doctoral students enrolled in full-time education; scientific and scientific-pedagogical workers of higher educational institutions.

In Ukraine provides for criminal liability in case of evasion from an appeal on mobilization and prescribes punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for a period from two to five years. It is predicted that with the introduction of the unified register of conscripts evaders will be much less.

Military experts say that this year Ukraine can not do without a Declaration of mobilization. However, if in the future will mark the influx of contractors, it gradually replace going to the reserve army will not need the next wave of mobilization. Another important factor is to increase the pay of contractors, which gave impetus to the growth of employees under the contract.

Recall that the ordinary wages of contract servicemen increased to 7 thousand hryvnia, and in the defense Ministry predict that 6-7 thousand troops would be monthly contracts.