The reduction of excise duties: for the month has imported 1,300 cars

Снижение акцизов: за месяц ввезли 1300 иномарок

Customs clearance of used cars will drop significantly

Ukrainians buy used cars abroad under the new law.

Customs clearance at reduced rates of excise tax since the beginning of August passed 1315 of used import cars. About it reports a press-the centre the press-the State fiscal service.

“Most of the cars at discounted rates feature on the customs of the Western regions. In particular, since August 1, Lviv customs has issued 199 of these cars, Ivano-Frankivsk – 161, Volyn – 118″, – the press service quoted the head of the Roman Nasirov.

Note, for the first 15 days of the law at a reduced rate of excise duty has been cleared by 562 of the vehicle.

According to the law, individuals and legal entities until December 31, 2018 may import one car a year (not earlier than 2010 edition, which can only be resold after a year.

On these cars with customs clearance in box 36 of the customs Declaration specified benefit code “172”.

This reduced excise tax rates shall not apply to vehicles that have an origin or imported from the aggressor (or occupier).

According to the law, set the excise tax at the level of:

  • Is 0.102 Euro per CC for used cars with engine capacity of 1,000 CC;
  • 0,063 Euro per CC for vehicles with an engine capacity of more than 1 000 but not exceeding 1 500 CC;
  • 0,267 Euro per CC for cars with engines over 1 500 CC but not exceeding 2 200 cubic centimetres;
  • 0,276 Euro per CC for vehicles with engine capacity of more than 2 200 CC but not exceeding 3 000 CC;
  • EUR 2,209 for used cars with a engine capacity of over 3,000 CC

We will remind, the law on the reduction of excise duties on cars entered into force on 1 August 2016.

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