The referendum in the Donbas. Putin suggested the Trump

Референдум на Донбассе. Что Путин предложил Трампу

Trump and Putin at the summit in Helsinki

The American leader asked the Russian not to publicly discuss the idea of a referendum in the Donbas and to give him time to think things through, according to Bloomberg.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin proposed to US President Donald Trump to hold a referendum in the Donbass, “to resolve the conflict” in Eastern Ukraine, soobshil Bloomberg.

After the summit in Helsinki, Putin said during talks with trump discussed Ukraine and “some new ideas on how to resolve the situation” in the Donbass.

Russian sources report that the idea of the referendum in Donbas does not involve the Crimean scenario. Корреспондент.net tells details.

The referendum Putin in the Donbas

American Agency Bloomberg, citing people present at a closed-door meeting of the presidents of the United States and Russia reports that Putin said Russian diplomats on his offer to Trump to hold a referendum in the Donbas. According to the leader of the Russian Federation, the voting will help to resolve the conflict in the East of Ukraine.

It is noted that Putin agreed with trump’s request not to disclose the plan publicly to the President of the United States could think about it.

Details of what was discussed, the two leaders at the summit in Helsinki, and most of the information, as the newspaper notes, still comes from Russia.

“It will be difficult to persuade Ukraine and its supporters in Europe, which remains committed to the prisoner a European-brokered agreement in 2015 on a truce in Donbass, which are controlled by Russia-backed separatists,” writes the Agency.

According to sources, the proposal would require under the auspices of the international community a vote among the residents of the LDNR on their status. Press Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov declined to comment on the details of what Putin said about Ukraine at the summit, saying only: “we Discussed some new ideas. Over them will work”.

19 Jul trump wrote a message on Twitter in which the summit in Helsinki is called “a great success” and mentioned Ukraine among the topics discussed, without giving details.

Bloomberg notes that Putin’s proposal on the referendum has alarmed Ukrainian officials after trump last week, seemed to have left open the possibility of recognition of the annexation of Crimea.

The U.S. and the European Union have repeatedly accused Russia of sending troops and weapons to support separatists in Eastern Ukraine. Russia denies these charges, although Ukraine on its territory was taken prisoner by Russian soldiers and seized a number of weapons, writes Bloomberg.

On 19 July, Putin said that the risks of aggravation of the situation in the East of Ukraine continue. According to him , the reason for this is “the failure of Kiev assumed authority.”

He also said that “aggressive NATO” Russia will respond proportionately.

“Such aggressive steps, which represent pramu a threat to Russia, we will react proportionately. Our colleagues who play in aggravation, tend to include, including, say, Ukraine or Georgia into the military orbit of the Alliance, would have to think about the possible consequences of such irresponsible policy,” he said.


The Crimean scenario

At a press conference with trump after the summit in Helsinki, Putin said that the position of Russia and the U.S. over Crimea are unchanged. Trump considers the annexation illegal, Putin also said that Moscow “this question is closed”.

“We believe that a referendum, under international law,” – said the Russian President.

Shocking Trump. Press about the meeting with Putin

“We know the position of the President of trump about the fact that Crimea is part of Ukrainian state, he told me today (on the summit – ed.) again said,” – Putin said in an interview with Fox News.

The leaders of the LDNR in may 2014 we held a referendum, the results of which declared independence. The vote was declared illegal, both the US and the EU, while Ukraine called it a “farce”, the Agency said.

Russia at the time said he respected the referendum. Last year Putin signed a decree on the recognition of passports and other documents issued by the separatists in the Donbas.

Last year Igor Carpenter, at the time when he served as head of the LNR, said RIA Novosti that if the referendum was held in the Donbass, “the result would be the same as in the Crimea”, reminds Bloomberg.

Interfax on 20 July, citing the Russian informed source said that the idea of a referendum is not groundless and discussed, but the Crimean scenario, it is not intended.

“The proposal to hold a referendum about the autonomy of Donbas within Ukraine is groundless. Such arrangements are discussed at the level of ideas so that in the future, perhaps to implement them with the assistance of all parties [in Minsk]. These mechanisms are legitimate, do not contain violations of international law”, – said the source.

He stressed that the main objective is to avoid incorrect interpretations of the initiative. You first need to understand that the vote in Donbas does not involve the Crimean scenario, he explained.

“It’s about the fact that residents of the Donbas legal way could in the legal field to speak on the provision of certain Autonomous regions within Ukraine to Kyiv granted the region corresponding political rights,” he said.


Trump would be the worst enemy of Putin

The idea of a referendum in the Donbass can be in the center of future discussi of US presidents and Russia.

In the administration of the American leader said that trump has invited Putin to the White house and turned to his national security adviser John Bolton with a request to arrange a visit.

Also began preparations for the upcoming round of Russian-American talks.

In an interview with the CBS trump said that in case of discord in the relationship with his Russian counterpart, he will become President of the Russian Federation “the worst enemy he’d ever seen.”

He noted that he was much more strict to Moscow than his predecessor Barack Obama and all the other American presidents.

The highlighted that the establishment of relations with Russia is a positive development and await a new meeting with Putin.


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