The regional Council of Kirovohrad decided to go to a special contractual relationship with Kiev

Облсовет Кировограда решил перейти к особым договорным отношениям с Киевом

The regional councils require from Kiev, “the special relationship”

For the decision voted by 55 of the 64 deputies.

At the session of the Kirovohrad regional Council of deputies adopted an appeal to the President and Prime Minister urging them to support the conclusion of agreements on distribution of powers between the Cabinet and the regional authorities.

For the decision voted by 55 of the 64 deputies.

Deputies believe that the region needs major governmental mechanisms to address regional issues that concern the residents of the area.

In connection with the vote of the Chairman of the Kiev regional Council Anna Starikov said that this is the right initiative, reported on the official website of the Kiev regional Council.

“Treaties on distribution of powers between the government, regional state administrations and regional councils will form a new model of governance, will give an impetus for socio-economic development of territories”, – noted she.

The appeal was made at the session the Deputy of Kirovohrad regional Council Valeriy Kalchenko from the faction “Batkivshchyna”. In his address to the Council, the Deputy noted that such contracts will provide an opportunity to strengthen the financial security of the region that will allow you to repair roads and fill social and environmental funds”.

According to deputies, the administrative-territorial reform must proceed more actively and to lead to real redistribution of powers between the centre and the regions.

Earlier, a similar appeal to the President and the Prime Minister took the deputies of the Zhytomyr regional Council.