The regulator told the Ukrainians that they are underpaid for the light

Регулятор сообщил украинцам, что они мало платят за свет

In Ukraine is the cheapest in Europe electricity

The most expensive electricity is in Germany. The locals there for him to pay 10 times more than in Ukraine.

Electricity in Ukraine is several times cheaper than in other European countries. This is evidenced by Eurostat data, published by the press service of the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in spheres of power and utilities (NKREKU).

So, according to published data, in Ukraine the cost of electricity for household consumers (all taxes and charges) is of 1.29 UAH/kWh.

For the second cheapest electricity in Bulgaria, there residents pay 3,30 UAH/kWh. In Lithuania electricity for consumers is 3.68 UAH/kWh in Hungary – 3,81 UAH/kWh, Croatia – 4,41 UAH/kWh. The highest prices in Germany – 10,31 UAH/kWh.

Terms of growth in electricity tariffs

As reported, the EU has banned the use of halogen lamps. When switching to led bulbs, consumers can save more than 124 euros per year.

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