The relatives of the deceased “evromaydanovtsa” Chaplinsky provided the court evidence of the involvement of ex-“berkutovets” to his death

Родственники погибшего "евромайдановца" Чаплинского предоставили суду доказательства причастности экс-"беркутовцев" к его смерти

The former soldiers of “Berkut” accused of the shootings on the Maidan during the trial, 2 Dec 2016

The relatives of the deceased “evromaydanovtsa” Vladimir Chaplinsky provided the court evidence of the involvement of ex-“berkutovets” to his death. About it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” said the correspondent Alina Blokhin.

“Today continued the trial of 5 ex-“berkutovets”, considered the materials of the case against one of the victims involved in Euromayday. Is Vladimir Chaplinsky, the inhabitant of Kiev region. The man was 44 years old when his neck shot by a sniper. In court today were his parents, wife and son. Spoke about the participation of the deceased at the time of the revolution of Dignity from Dec 2013: what was he doing he guarded the participants. Showed a video where, according to parents, it is clear that because of the concrete barricades were the forces of “Berkut” and was shot. Defense attorneys deny the charges. They insist that the trajectory doesn’t match the bullet, possibly fired from behind concrete barricades, perhaps, Bouncing off that was shot from the other side. Prosecutors believe that the provided data prove directly the guilt of the ex-“Berkut officers”, she said.

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We will remind, the General Prosecutor’s office in February, gave the court an indictment against three former employees of “Berkut” Alexander marinchenko, Sergei and Oleg Tanturi Janiszewski, who are suspected in the shooting of 48 participants of Euromaidan at Institutskaya street in Kiev February 20, 2014 the Case was joined with that of ex-“Berkut” Paul Abroskin and Sergey Zinchenko.

The investigators established the involvement of a specialcompany of the Kiev “Berkut” to the massacre of 48 protesters and inflicting gunshot wounds 80 protesters February 20, 2014 at Instytutska street. The results of the investigation reported suspicion of 25 employees of a specialcompany of this and leadership of the regiment “Berkut” of involvement in these events, 20 of them are wanted and 5 are in custody.