The relatives of the murderers of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey claim that he was not a religious fanatic

Родственники убийцы российского посла в Турции утверждают, что он не был религиозным фанатиком

Photos from the scene. 19.12.2016

The relatives of the murderers of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey Andrey Karlov 22-year-old Mevlut MERTa of Altıntaş claim that the guy was not a religious fanatic. About it reports Reuters.

In particular, the father accused of murder said that the behavior of the guy began to change after mevlüt MERT Altıntaş met with the police, which was identified as Serkan.

“As far as I know, he was not a member of any terrorist organization, a religious network or group – said the father of the gunman. – However, he became more focused on his prayers, more introverted and quiet after became a COP”.

The man said that he spoke with Altıntaş the day of the murder. The kid’s mother also mentioned a telephone conversation with his son on the day of death of the Russian Ambassador – Altıntaş asked what she was doing.

“Okay, mom. God bless you. And give me your blessing,” he said in conclusion.

Neighbors also speak well about Altıntaş.

“I’ve always admired their son. He was respectful and calm, very nice young man. When the police arrived, we were sure that he was killed in the line of duty and they came to inform the family,” said a neighbor of the family, which grew Altıntaş.

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Recall, December 19, 22-year-old mevlüt MERT Altıntaş during the opening of the photo exhibition “Russia through the eyes of the Turks” in Ankara fired at the Charles Andrew with the words: “Remember Aleppo, Syria remember. We will not leave you alone. Only death will stop me. We die at Aleppo, you will die here.”

Dressed in a formal suit with a tie Altıntaş shot in the back of a diplomat, presumably, eight times. Turkish police killed him in a special operation were wounded three people.