The release of Nadiya Savchenko: the Pros and cons for Russia

Освобождение Надежды Савченко: Плюсы и минусы для России

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The exchange of Nadezhda Savchenko for two Russian soldiers captured in Ukraine, caused controversy in great-power Patriotic circles in Moscow. On the one hand, more recently, people positioning themselves as Champions of national interests, all television emotionally declared that “the killer must Savchenko to sit” and that her release will be a “betrayal of Russia”. On the other hand, today, when the exchange has already taken place, to accuse of treason the President make that decision, it would be a very bold and risky.

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If we disconnect from the emotions, it turns out that the advantages for Moscow from this step much more, than minuses.

Firstly, the Ukrainian society and the West disappears one of the main stimuli, one of the main reasons for criticism of Russia. PACE, the European Parliament and other international organizations will no longer adopt resolutions on the case Savchenko” strong condemnation of the Russian Federation.

Secondly, return to their homeland people, which Ukraine called the Russian soldiers — Moscow is not recognized. But in any case, Aleksandr Erofeev and Evgeny Aleksandrov from the point of view of the legislation of the Russian Federation no crime committed. Nevertheless, for a long time there was a feeling that the country turned away from her in distress of citizens. Now it will pass.

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Thirdly, Hope Savchenko will cease to be a Russian problem and quite possibly will be the problem of Ukrainian. The status of a national heroine she will stay a few more weeks, maybe months. But then the euphoria will pass. And President Poroshenko, other Ukrainian leaders have to solve a difficult problem: how to embed in the political system of the country so popular and at the same time so unpredictable and very radically-minded player. Is that the solution will be able to cope, full of confidence yet.

And as for the cons, while it is possible to allocate only one. “Savchenko case” dragged on too long, and during that time the reputation of Moscow in the international arena suffered severe damage. No matter how many belonged to the Ukrainian pilot, in a situation when one woman confronts the whole state, besides nuclear superpower, the sympathy of many in the world were on the side of women regardless of the fact against her accusations.

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It appears that this whole demonstration trial of Nadezhda Savchenko was a mistake from the beginning. But since there is no turning back and the error still is not corrected, it is important at least to minimize its consequences. And that was done today.

Maxim Yusin

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