The released sailors returned to Odessa

Освобожденные моряки вернулись в Одессу

A solemn meeting of sailors in Odessa

Military in home port were met by the representatives of the Navy of Ukraine headed by first Deputy commander of naval forces of VSU Vice-Admiral Andrey Tarasov.

Arrived in Odessa freed from the captivity of the crew of the boat Nikopol, Berdyansk and tug Yana mouthpiece. This reports the press center of command of naval forces of VSU on Saturday, September 14.

“War in the Harbor were greeted by the representatives of the national Navy of Ukraine headed by chief of staff – first Deputy commander of the naval forces of Ukraine Vice-Admiral Andrei Tarasov, the leadership and staff of the Naval command, naval base, the crews of the ships and boats of the naval forces of Ukraine, as well as volunteers, clergy, community leaders and relatives”, – stated in the message.

So, Tarasov personally congratulated the military on returning and thanked for the courage, endurance and indestructibility of the face of a despicable enemy.

Former prisoners in Odessa were greeted with flowers and posters, and children’s gifts. Also symbolic was a gift from the Odessa volunteers, the flag of naval forces of VSU, which is in support of fluttering on the flagpole at the Odessa city Council. As noted by the military, is not just a flag is the embodiment of the support of the Ukrainian people, repeatedly helped them in difficult moments during the stay in a Russian prison.

The military once again thanked all the participants for their unwavering faith in the defenders of Ukraine and active social position.

“Ahead of the crews of the boats well-deserved rest, after which the military will again be in operation by the Ukrainian Navy and will continue to carry out tasks to destination”, – noted in the Navy.

Earlier on Saturday, the Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova said that almost all of the freed Ukrainian sailors from the military hospital in Kiev, travel to Odessa.

Recall, September 7, Ukraine and Russia had an exchange of detained persons by the formula “35 on 35”.

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