The remains of Nestor Makhno returned to Ukraine

Прах Нестора Махно возвращают в Украину

Nestor Makhno

The remains of Nestor Makhno intend to place the Museum in the Zaporozhye region. Now preparing all the necessary documents for the transport from France.

Great-nephew of the organizer of the revolutionary and insurrectional movement in the South of Ukraine during the civil war, Nestor Makhno agreed to return from France to Ukraine the ashes of his ancestor. This was announced by the head of the Gulyai-pole district state administration in Zaporizhia region Alexander Ishchenko in an interview with

“Prepared all the necessary documents for the transportation of the ashes of Nestor Makhno in the huliaipole. This was preceded by the session of the city Council, and a workshop… From our side all necessary papers, is a statement of the nephew of Nestor Makhno at the homecoming of the ashes of his ancestor,” – said Ishchenko.

According to him, in the case of the return of the remains of Nestor Makhno will be placed in the Museum. Currently, Ukraine expects a final answer from the French side.

“The French Diaspora – against the return of the ashes. Therefore, this issue is solved at the level of international relations”, – said the head of RSA.

“Our brand is Nestor Makhno, a historical figure of the world level. Therefore, if it has already developed projects along the route of Nestor Makhno, which will attract tourists, create Makhnovist Islands. Of course, to implement them we need money,” concluded Ishchenko.

Earlier it was reported that the ashes of Makhno can be transported from Paris to his small home – the regional center of Gulyajpole of Zaporizhzhya region. The remains of Nestor Makhno want to move from Paris to hulyaypole, as we approach the end of the term of the lease of his place in the cemetery of Pere-Lachaise in France.


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