The report of the OSCE: In Donetsk and Lugansk military equipment seen

Отчет ОБСЕ: В Донецке и Луганске замечена военная техника

OSCE observers

In the districts of Donetsk and Lugansk, the OSCE observers have recorded military equipment.

Special monitoring mission of the OSCE recorded the presence of military equipment in several districts of Donetsk and Lugansk. This is stated in the report of the organization published in the night of Tuesday, may 31.

“Special monitoring mission (SMM) observed the presence of military equipment, anti-aircraft gun and other weapons in the buffer zone. In government-controlled areas, the SMM observed an armored personnel carrier (BTR-70) near Lopaskyne (in 23 km North-West of Luhansk), one armored personnel carrier (BTR-60) near the settlement the Bottom, one armored personnel carrier (BTR-60) on the towing in the area of the settlement is Nice, just 23 kilometres South-West of Donetsk)”, – stated in the report for may 28 and 29.

In addition, near the settlement Crimean were seen three infantry fighting vehicles (BMP-2), one item of the same type of military equipment near the village of Lugansk and the city of Popasnaya, as well as two BRDM-2 in the Trinity and Novotoshkovskoe areas, one APC with a heavy machine gun in the area of Birch and the anti-aircraft gun ZU-23 on one of the cars near the town Popasnaya, where also was seen the BRDM-2.

The report also refers to the presence in the area of Birch six military KrAZ trucks bearing the insignia of the battalion Aidar.

In areas under the control of the DNI, were seen five cars (five cars and two KAMAZ ZIL) carrying a large number of armed men.

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