The report Of the special prison of the SBU released 13 people

Доклад: Из спецтюрьмы СБУ освобождены 13 человек

The SBU is secretly holding at least five people, according to the report

Human rights activists have published a new report on the secret prisons of the SBU.

Human rights activists from Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International reported the release of 13 people from the secret prison of the SBU. This is stated in their joint press release.

According to them, unofficially in custody prisoners, including one woman, were released from the Kharkiv office of the SBU after the publication of the report on secret prisons in Ukraine called “You there”.

It is noted that six people were released on 25 July, the rest on 2 August.

SBU, according to human rights defenders, were taken prisoners from Kharkov in an armored van and drop them off on the outskirts of cities Kramatorsk and Druzhkivka in the Donetsk region. They returned the passports and allowed from 50 to 200 UAH ($2-8) for travel to the place of residence. While they were required to remain silent, threatening otherwise “serious consequences.”

In addition, the press release notes that the SBU continues to illegally hold at least five people, including two Russians. While three are alleged in the Kharkov management of SBU for more than 17 months. In this regard, human rights activists urged the military Prosecutor’s office to secure the release of prisoners and to attract and to punish those involved.

Recall that in late may, the delegation of the UN Subcommittee on prevention of torture to suspend its visit to Ukraine from-for refusal of access to places where they can be contained people detained SBU.

Earlier, the UN said that the SBU massively detain supporters of the separatists and systematically applies them to torture. In the SBU denied the accusations.