The residents of Beijing offer free funerals with QR codes on graves

Жителям Пекина предлагают бесплатные похороны с QR-кодами на могилах

Because of the shortage of land in China also scatter the ashes of the dead above the water surface

Beijing authorities will not take this year’s fee for the funeral of residents who will bury her cremated remains “eco-friendly” way, reports People’s Daily.

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The site will appear at the capital’s cemetery Continuing. There for the burial of the ashes of the permanent residents of Beijing will be offered a compact, biodegradable urn, and buried on top of the boxes will be planted with trees, bushes and grass.

Traditional gravestones or monuments to put here not planned, but the plot will be allotted space to accommodate QR codes, which you can find detailed information about buried, including their photos.

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China has long been experiencing a shortage of land for construction of cemeteries. The authorities expect that every square metre “green” area will be to bury the ashes at least ten dead, while the traditional burial of the ashes at this site was located no more than two urns.

For every “eco-friendly” burial authorities will be allocated the subsidy of 4 million yuan (about 580 USD).

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