The result in Germany and Austria came to the world doping network

Следствие в ФРГ и Австрии вышло на всемирную допинговую сеть

Under suspicion of doping is of 21 athletes from 8 countries. The inspections were conducted the past 8 years.

As a result of operation Aderlass (“Bleeding”) of the German and Austrian investigators have uncovered a doping network the world. The General Prosecutor of Munich, Kai Graeber (Kai Gräber) announced Wednesday, March 20, after questioning the Prime suspect, the doctor from Erfurt Mark S., the investigating authorities, there is evidence against 21 athletes from 8 European countries, representing 5 sports. However, the full scale of violations is still unclear.

He said “a three-digit number of cases of blood”, which was conducted from 2011 to February 2019 worldwide. Graeber reported on the “huge” evidence-based, and also that the main suspect mark S. made a “voluminous” statements.


Three of the five sports is cross country skiing, Cycling and triathlon. Two other winter sport He did not want to name in the interests of the investigation. The Prosecutor also announced that two people from the “Erfurt” network flew to the winter Olympics in 2018 in Pyeongchang to supply there athletes their enriched blood. He did not want to answer the question of whether suspects among the German athletes.

Including Austrian skier Johannes Duerr, during the operation Aderlass was arrested 9 athletes, including from Estonia and Kazakhstan. Kai Graeber did not rule out that the investigation will reveal more doping cases than in the “Operation Puerto” when under suspicion of the Spanish investigators was dozens of athletes.

According to the Prosecutor of Grabera, athletes were paid to Dr. Mark S. for his services from 4 000 to 12 000 euros per season, a total of up to 100 million euros annually. The suspect in each case faces 1 to 10 years in prison. The lead Prosecutor Hans Kornprobst (Hans Kornprobst) reported that investigators at the present time there is not sufficient evidence that the sports Federation “systematically supported the use of doping”.

Source: Russian service of DW