The results 02.12: Putin’s Silence and detention in Georgia

Итоги 02.12: Молчание Путина и задержания в Грузии

Putin has still not replied to a request Poroshenko in a telephone conversation; Georgia detained six Ukrainians. Корреспондент.net presents the main events of yesterday.

A devastating tornado swept through the United States

Because of tornadoes in the U.S. Illinois has suffered at least 21 people. Three victims are in hospital, and another 18 received minor injuries. Element fully or partially destroyed more than 100 homes.

The US and China were able to agree on the duties not imposed

Chinese President XI Jinping and US President, Donald trump has agreed not to impose additional tariffs after 1 January after talks on the sidelines of the G20 in Buenos Aires.

The American President agreed to leave a 10% duty on goods worth $ 200 billion and will not be 1 January 2019 to increase them to 25%.

The US warned that if in the next 90 days is not reached agreement with China on certain trade issues, fees will increase to the previously planned level of 25%.

Ukrainian passport fell in the world ranking

Ukrainian passport fell from the 24th to the 28th place in the ranking of the strongest passports in the world. At the same time, took first place in the passport of the United Arab Emirates, which provides for its owner the right to free or with visa on arrival visit 167 countries.

Putin ignores Poroshenko

The head of Russia Vladimir Putin has still not responded to the request of the President of Ukraine in a telephone conversation to seize Ukrainian ships in the Black sea. About this Poroshenko said in an interview with French channel France 24.

“Unfortunately, so far Putin has not responded to my request for a direct phone conversation in any format – bilateral, in Normandy, with American partners, etc.” – said the Ukrainian President.

More than 60 people suffered from the ice in Kiev

In Kiev for a day of ice injured 65 people, including eight children, 57 adults. All 65 of visits to doctors were due to injuries in fact as a result of weather conditions, namely the ice.

In Georgia detained Ukrainians

In the Georgian capital Tbilisi have detained six citizens of Ukraine and one Georgian. During searches in rooms of the detainees seized guns, Beretta and Makarov, automatic hand guns and various ammunition.

On this fact initiated criminal proceedings. The detainees are accused of illegal acquisition and possession of firearms, explosives or explosive devices, committed by a group.

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