The results 04.10: the rise of the dollar and reintegration of Donbass

Итоги 04.10: Взлет доллара и реинтеграция Донбасса

The exchange has sharply risen in price dollar presents the main events of yesterday.

The bill on the reintegration of Donbass registered in the Parliament

The Verkhovna Rada registered the bill “On peculiarities of state policy on ensuring state sovereignty of Ukraine on the temporarily occupied territories in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions” at No. 7163. The initiator is the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

In exchange, Kiev has sharply risen in price dollar

In Kiev, the selling rate of cash dollar has grown rapidly, compared to 3 Oct. So, the dollar in exchange offices of the capital has risen 28 cents compared with Tuesday to 27,0476 UAH/USD.

The average rate of buying the Euro rose by 22.92 31,1821 kopecks to UAH/EUR, the selling rate rose 35.4 31,8697 kopecks to UAH/EUR.

There was a video of the beginning of the massacre in Las Vegas

The network has published a video recorded with a lapel camera police, the shooting started at a concert in Las Vegas.

Three-minute video shows the attack at music festival police positions. Footage showed only a small piece of what officers had seen that night and did not include victims. Only the police have 67 video cameras.

Winners of the Nobel prize in chemistry

The Nobel prize in chemistry this year was awarded to the Swiss Jacques Debuchy, American Joachim Frank and representative Richard Henderson.

Scientists were awarded for the development cryoelectron microscopy to determine the structure of molecules with high resolution in solution.

Google showed Pixel smartphone of the new generation

Google presented the new generation of its flagship smartphone – Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. The two monitors are screen size and battery capacity.

At the presentation of Google was presented “the finest in the world” flagship chromebook, which can be used as a laptop and as a tablet. The device has a touch screen and stylus Pen Pixebook.

Presentation of the Google Pixel 2 online stream

In Poland desecrated the Ukrainian Consulate

In the Polish city of Rzeszow vandal painted the honorary Consulate of Ukraine, leaving the image of the swastika and inscriptions about the OUN-UPA. At the Consulate left the inscription in Polish: Ukraine – OUN-UPA, Waffen SS Galitzien, near the coat of arms of Ukraine drew the gallows and the German word Raus (get out – ed.), a swastika and the inscription in Russian, “no.”

In this connection, the Ukrainian Embassy in Poland sent a note to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Poland.

In Kiev, detained journalist of the Russian TV channel NTV

In Kiev, the police detained the correspondent of the TV channel of the Russian TV channel NTV Vyacheslav Nemysheva. The Russians found the accreditation self-proclaimed DND. The journalist was transferred to the staff of the security Service of Ukraine.


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